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Airport Association assures security cameras make criminal actions “extremely difficult”

Santo Domingo, DR.
The Dominican Airport Association (ADA) assured that it is “extremely difficult” for criminal acts to take place in the facilities of its members due to the “preventive controls imposed,” by the operators and “security procedures” imposed by the authorities.

Throughout the baggage journey, ADA explains, “there are intelligent security cameras, and for the opening of the belly of any visiting aircraft, it is done in the presence of multiple specialized military and aeronautical authorities.”

It points out that airport operators “do not intervene directly in the handling of passengers’ luggage,” since the custody of luggage is the responsibility of the airlines “once it is handed over at the counter during the check-in process” at the airport where the trip begins.

ADA states that “the preventive controls imposed, both by the operators and the security procedures implemented by the authorities, make it extremely difficult for criminal actions to occur, such as the theft of belongings in guarded baggage.”

He revealed that the annual volume of luggage handled by airports exceeds 30 million a year, and with that amount, it is always possible for an incident to occur.

He points out that if a traveler has a complaint about his luggage, “it is essential that the passenger makes the corresponding complaint to his airline so that all the institutions involved attend to and investigate any incident.”

In our desire for constant improvement, complaints and claims are essential as they allow us to identify whether the events occurred where the passenger boarded or originated their trip, during the journey, or upon arrival in our country, and, if necessary, to establish internal improvements.

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