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Dominicans consume the most expensive food in history, according to Segura Foster

image source: elCaribe

Santo Domingo.- Carlos Segura Foster, an agricultural expert and member of the Central Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), has strongly criticized and raised questions about the food policy of the government led by President Luis Abinader. He claims that Dominicans are consuming the most expensive food in history.

Segura Foster attributes this problem to what he calls an “unprecedented import festival” and poor management of inflation, food self-sufficiency, and the substitution of food import permits auctioning, which was necessary to meet the demand during the PLD governments.

During an interview on the Despierta con CDN program, aired on channel 37, Segura Foster expressed his belief that there is inadequate management of food self-sufficiency by government authorities in the Dominican Republic, accusing the government of lying to the population.

According to his statements, the government of Luis Abinader has turned food self-sufficiency into an illusion and accuses him of turning mythomania into reality. He claims that these problems have arisen due to increased imports while domestic production has declined.

The agricultural expert explained that food self-sufficiency has been lost due to two main reasons. Firstly, imports have led to inflation from other countries, resulting in the loss of over 45,000 jobs in the agricultural sector, which has experienced the least recovery during the three years of this government.

However, he points out that this measure has not made products cheaper, as the Dominican people are now consuming food at the highest prices in history. He mentions examples such as chicken priced at over 100 pesos, rice at RD$40, bananas at RD$50, potatoes at RD$90, and even paying RD$700 per pound of pork during Christmas. Segura Foster sees these realities as the result of misguided policies.

Regarding inflation, Segura Foster acknowledges that the country is affected by inflation resulting from the pandemic and international issues. However, he believes that the government of Luis Abinader has managed it poorly, allowing it to become the highest inflation rate in the region.

He explains that this situation has occurred because food production, which is the most sensitive sector, has been affected. Despite reaching the established inflation target, food prices continue to increase. According to him, food prices have doubled on average during the three years of this government compared to previous administrations.

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June 19, 2023 9:03 pm

By the looks of it this guy has consume much himself…lol
Food prices are high worldwide due to the inflation brought about by the covid spamdemic shutdowns.

Last edited 11 months ago by Alfredo
Paul Tierney
June 20, 2023 7:53 am

Politics ! These politicians have the fancy to accuse opposing parties of anything testy so they can get the ear of the media and voters. The prices of food, services, labor, and materials have surged worldwide. So, why should the RD be an exception? So, why blame the party in power? If food was not expensive in the remainder of the world, then Sr. Segura Foster would have a valid argument against the present leadership. However, he does not have validity. Politics !

Alfredo Acosta
June 20, 2023 9:26 am

New As with any other nation using a fiat currency, DR as well will fall economically if they don’t switch to a currency back by a precious metal or another natural resource. The era of the fiat currency is dead. What DR has to do, like China, is buy gold and silver to back up the RD Peso to save thenselves or be swallowed up like a guppy in the ocean of sharks in the fake money world… DR always follows what he US does is what worries me. After the US loses its status as the world’s currency, hopefully DR has a back up plan so it doesn’t go through what Venezuela has been going through because that looks like the direction that the US is headed…. Good luck with that!