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The behavior of COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic, as compared to other countries in the region

Map of coronavirus cases in the American continent. / Credit: Johns Hopkins University

Santo Domingo, DR
The latest report released yesterday by the Ministry of Public Health revealed that cases in the country of COVID-19 increased to 2,620, a figure that places the Dominican Republic as the ninth nation in Latin America with the most people infected by this virus.

If there is something that has remained similar in the reports offered by the Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, it has been to start with the world panorama of the pandemic, then to the continental one, to arrive at the current situation and in each one it has been reflecting how some countries in the region have overtaken the Dominican Republic with new infections and deaths, while in recovered persons the country has improved over time.

Regarding people infected in the American continent, the United States remains in the first place with 491,358 infected people and the Dominican Republic occupies the ninth place of 35 nations.

If we count only the countries that comprise Latin America, it would be said that the country is placed in seventh place, surpassing larger nations such as Argentina and Colombia.


Regarding coronavirus deaths, the Dominican Republic is the fifth country with the most deaths in Latin America.

While in the American continent, it occupies seventh place, with the United States being in first place, with 18,316 deaths.

According to the latest report from the Dominican Ministry of Public Health, the number of deceased rose to 126 cases.


In terms of people recovered from the coronavirus, the country occupies the ninth position in Latin America, with 98.

While, in America, the Dominican Republic is in position number 11, with the United States being the one with the largest number of recoveries with 27,744

The latest report presented by Sánchez Cárdenas reflects that the number of people recovered from COVID-19 rose to 98.

Coronavirus cases in America

  1. United States 491,358
  2. Canada 21,243
  3. Brazil 19,638
  4. Ecuador 7,161
  5. Chile 6,501
  6. Peru 5,897
  7. Mexico 3,441
  8. Panama 2,752
  9. DR 2,620
  10. Colombia 2,223
  11. Argentina 1,894

COVID-19 dead in America

  1. United States 18,316
  2. Brazil 1,057
  3. Canada 532
  4. Ecuador 297
  5. Mexico 194
  6. Peru 169
  7. DR 126
  8. Argentina 81
  9. Colombia 69
  10. Panama 66
  11. Chile 65

Recovered COVID-19 in America

  1. United States 27,744
  2. Canada 5,580
  3. Chile 1,571
  4. Peru 1,569
  5. Mexico 633
  6. Argentina 375
  7. Ecuador 368
  8. Uruguay 206
  9. Colombia 174
  10. Brazil 173
  11. DR 98

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