Health January 3, 2021 | 12:39 pm

Palladium says it complied with prevention measures against Covid-19 at the end of the year party

The Spanish hotel chain Palladium ensures that all security and prevention measures against covid-19 were complied with at the end of the year party that was held at a hotel of its property in Playa Bávaro, in the Dominican Republic, which has been sanctioned by the Government of the Caribbean country with some 56,500 euros.

In a statement issued today, the company defends the event organized in its hotel, which the Dominican authorities have described as ‘unacceptable’ since hotels are prohibited in that country from holding parties, concerts, or other events until next January 10, of the measures taken by the coronavirus pandemic.

For this reason, the Ministries of Tourism and Public Health of the Dominican Republic, in addition to imposing a sanction, warned Palladium that if the situation repeats, they will see ‘their operating license suspended.’

In the statement, the Spanish hotel chain assures that in the celebration, there was 27.9% of the capacity of the outdoor venue,” a figure significantly below the 40%” authorized.

The hotel also explained that temperature controls were carried out upon the arrival of all attendees, gel dispensers were made available at all entrances, and strict social distancing measures were also carried out, separating the tables a minimum of 3.5 meters and with a maximum of 6 people per table.

Palladium justifies that the published videos of the celebration offer a ‘biased view’ of what happened, ‘since they are images recorded at ground level, without sufficient perspective of the distance between tables’ and, therefore,’ are not representative of the security with which the celebration was carried out.’

Therefore, the company points out that it has not only complied with local regulations at all times, ‘but has acted in different circumstances in an exemplary manner.’

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