Health February 8, 2021 | 1:42 pm

Vaccines against Covid-19 will arrive in the Dominican Republic in a week



 The first 150,000 doses of 20 million that the Government processed


The issue of the vaccine against Covid-19 worries the population, and experts, still, Feris Iglesias, infectious disease specialist and adviser on the matter of the Health Cabinet, explained that the first 150,000 doses of 20 million would arrive in the Dominican Republic that the Government processed in the next week.

The Dominican government hopes to immunize more than seven million from the age of 18.

The infectologist predicted that the first doses will be an incentive and assured that there is already a plan to vaccinate the entire population.

“We have confirmation that by the middle of this month, the first 150,000 of 20 million doses that the country has already contracted with different production houses will arrive,” he said.

He also indicated that the first in the inoculation process is in the primary line of action, such as health personnel exposed to people who suffer from any disease, many of whom may have Covid-19. If vaccine-producing houses comply with the schedule, the country expects to start immunization in April and finish by the end of November.

“That year we are going to spend vaccinating because there is a commercial battle between vaccine producers and to be approved by regulatory bodies, such as the United States Food Drug Administration ( FDA ) of the United States or the European Biotectromagbetics Association ( EBEA ), of the European Union, must pass 60% effectiveness in clinical trials “, he added.

Likewise, he considered that the regulatory bodies established that to approve a vaccine against covid-19, the biological one had to be effective with 60%.

Iglesias explained that all vaccines approved so far have more than 70% efficacy and insisted on the existence of a commercial war for supremacy. However, all vaccines have passed security, according to Hoy.

He assured that research studies establish that neutralizing antibodies are detected in 100% of those immunized with it when the second dose is applied.

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