Local November 23, 2011 | 7:39 am

Dominican leader’s “festival” of pensions for show biz figures continues

Santo Domingo. – Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernandez continues his “festival” of pensions provided to show biz figures on Tuesday, with a group of 40 musicians and singers who’ll now get as much as RD$50,000 monthly each of taxpayers money, a measure which comes just five months before the presidential election.

Fernandez as recently as last month also decreed pensions for other performers, and in yesterday’s round include the singer Tomas Santana “General Larguito.”

Presidential decree 721-11, announced by Culture minister Jose Rafael Lantigua, provides pensions to the performers Rafael – Bullumba- Landestoy, Aníbal de Peña, Xiomara Fortuna and Petra Vásquez (Anahay), Jose Manuel Calderón. González Alvarado Pereyra (El Cieguito de Nagua), Francisco Ulloa, Armando Beltré and Belisario Felix Jiménez (Belí).

Also Bartolo Chalas (Bartolito), Jose Dionisio Fernandez (Dioni Fernandez), Rafael Heriberto González, Kyra González, among others, and also raised some previously awarded pensions.

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