Local February 28, 2012 | 7:24 am

Anonymous says it downed oldest Dominican news source

Santo Domingo.- The underground group Anonymous on Monday took responsibility for the downing of the Website of Dominican Republic’s oldest newspaper www.listindiario.com.do, marking the country’s first known major hacking case.

“Today we just tickled the server of the Listin Diario. Next attack is Friday and every Friday,” warned Anonymous in its Tweeter account @RD_Anonymous.

Although some reports called the incident a hack, @RD_Anonymous said it targeted the news source’s server. “We wish to clarify that never we have said that the Listin Diario was hacked. We attacked its server. We caused that system’s service outage for two hours, which was announced yesterday.”

“We are Anonymous. United as one. Divided by Zero. We never forgot. We never forgive. Expect us,” the entity said in its Tweeter account.

Anonymous had previously made a warning via email to newspaper El Nuevo Diario, which it labeled as unverifiable, that it would start its offensive as of February 27, and the attack on the Listin’s server was apparently the first, but didn’t specify their next victims.

“We’ve witnessed how imperialism has stripped us of our freedom of expression. It whips us with its wand of power and teaches us who’s in control,” the group said, quoted by elnuevodiairo.com.do

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