Local June 12, 2012 | 6:38 pm

There were “serious” irregularities in the polls, ex candidate tells the OAS

Santo Domingo.- In the polls won by ruling PLD party candidate Danilo Medina occurred a chain of events that violated the laws, rules and regulations which uphold a participatory democracy, says a letter to the Organization of American States (OAS) from the ex candidate of Dominican Republic’s opposition PRD party.

Hipolito Mejia, in a missive May 29, says the "topic" is summed up as "serious acts against the will of the people exercised by the Government of the Dominican Republic in the elections on May 20, 2012.”

The document, submitted to OAS by secretary general José Miguel Insulza, notes that "in light of the Constitution, international treaties on civil and political rights and the laws of the Dominican Republic, before, during and after this election, irregularities were committed to alter the right of citizens to elect and be elected, and the results thereof, to the detriment of national and supranational legal rules that govern and regulate this matter, and in clear violation of the spirit the American Democratic Charter.” To illustrate and support his claims Mejia tells Insulza that, as stated in Article 8 of the Charter, he is allowed to present the six page report to the OAS.

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