Local August 31, 2012 | 7:48 am

Power company discards US$90.0M fraud allegation

Santo Domingo.- The power company Haina (EGE Haina), its directors and Haina Investment Co (HIC), on Thursday called false all allegations in the complaint filed with the National District Office of the Prosecutor, by the last director of the Reformed State-owned Companies Endowment Fund (Fonper), Jose Izquierdo, and its attorneys and lawyers.

In a statement to the media, the operator of power plants claims that the arguments of alleged US$90.0 million fraud are groundless legally and contractually, and shows ignorance on the part of the complainant about the applicable laws and the power sector.

"EGE Haina has been characterized by the efficiency and transparency in its operations, which still maintain excellent relations between the government and private partners," said EGE Haina, which shares the plant’s ownership with the state.

Overall, it said, they have spurred a steady development of the company for the benefit of Dominicans through growth and diversification of the national energy matrix. "Given that there’s an ongoing legal process, the company will provide appropriate explanations to the competent authorities in this case."

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