Local September 4, 2012 | 7:18 am

President orders fired government workers reinstated

SANTO DOMINGO.- For the first time in the Dominican democratic history, a sitting President has ordered the immediate reinstatement of all government workers classified as career civil servants, who had been laid off by the new heads of several agencies.

Danilo Medina’s instructions were explained yesterday by Public Administration Minister Ramon Ventura, affirming that the dismissals are fewer than the public has been led to believe, because "we’ve made progress in this direction and any civil service employee will not be left out."

"President Danilo Medina was very firm when he said he’ll not accept the firing of any career employees,” Ventura said.

The officia said it was established that anyone who has been terminated without cause must be reinstated and those who’ve been dismissed for cause must go through the statutory procedures.

He warned that compliance with the Civil Service and Administrative Career Law is the only way for the Dominican nation to advance.

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