Local January 14, 2014 | 7:01 am

Haiti’s failed State problems ‘spill over to Dominican Republic’

Santo Domingo.- Haiti is a failed State and as such creates serious problems for its Hispaniola neighbor, Dominican Republic, says the economist and ambassador Hugo Guilliani Cury.

He said that’s the reason Dominican Republic figures on Foreign Policy Magazine’s list of countries with problems.

"Democracy does not work in failed States; Haiti is in the top 10," said the veteran diplomat on Monday, quoted by listin.com.do

As a solution to Haiti’s crisis and its impact on Dominican Republic, he proposes that donor States create a ‘partnership for development’ in Haiti as a Development Corporation to oversee investments of the funds channelled to Latin America’s poorest country.

Guilliani noted however that the Haitian people would choose their own authorities and monitor its system of revenues and government administration.

He said the ideal would be shared sovereignty, with a trust but acknowledged that the United Nations Charter prevents such an intervention of a member country.

"Not even a successful former President like Bill Clinton couldn’t do anything for Haiti. "What has the reconstruction Committee of the former United States President done: nothing," Guilliani said.

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