Local March 14, 2014 | 9:52 am

Public Works denies Government smokescreen on planned toll hike

San Pedro, Dominican Republic.- Public Works minister Gonzalo Castillo on Thursday denied it’s a Government strategy announcing a toll hike from 30 to100 pesos, to then quell citizens complaints by lowering it to 60 pesos.

"That’s a lie. It’ pure speculation. We’re serious people. This is an administration that has been characterized by serious people. We’re not working with hot air or to say one thing for another. We’re working because we believe in what we do for the Dominican people," he said.

He said just like president Danilo Medina stated, the chief executive will address the country on the tolls in the coming days,” but there’s nothing final. I stick strictly with what he said. In the meantime we’ll continue working with more effort on all Dominican roads."

Castillo, interviewed by after attending the inaugural of f biotech labs, also announced that to prevent accidents, the installation of new road signs along the entire Duarte Highway will conclude next Wednesday . "We’re now focused on work, because the Easter holidays are coming and we want to make a strong effort so that accidents don’t occur."

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