Local July 1, 2014 | 8:00 am

Councilman’s murder reveals underworld’s ‘infiltration’ of ruling party

Santo Domingo.- Despite knowing that his life "hanged on a thread" Bayaguana (east) city councilman Renato de Jesus Castillo decided to go a colmado for a few drinks where several hired killers took his life.

Four days after the murder National Police Manuel Castro surprised many townsfolk when he accused Bayaguana mayor Nelson Osvaldo Sosa of being the mastermind.

The Police say Sosa gave City Council employees Rafael Antonio Olivo and Freddy Alberto de la Cruz RD$400,000 to pay for the murder of the Councilman. Both Sosa and Castillo are members of the ruling party PLD.

But reports out of Bayaguana point to a mayor involved in “non sanctum” activities which prompted the councilman to denounce Sosa locally, but failed to get action from the PLD’s authorities to intercede.

“Meanwhile the blood of Renato, who was a wrestling champion, seems difficult to wash from the sidewalk at Luis Arturo Rojas street, in Monte Plata, the place where he was gunned down while in his vehicle looking for a last drink," reports outlet elcaribe.com.do.

Local media also report that Castillo was about to announce a major embezzlement, and that his murder reveals that the underworld has infiltrated the ruling party.

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