Local September 30, 2014 | 12:53 pm

Dominican Republic needs ‘0’ tolerance in war on drug trafficking: Brewster

Santo Domingo.- Washington is willing to invest the required funds to heighten port security and fight drug traffickers, but Dominican Republic needs to impose zero tolerance with those involved, said U.S. ambassador James Brewster today Tuesday.

"Dominican Republic’s opportunities are incredible, but it must take the measures to achieve free and clean trade," the diplomat said in the Congress on Cargo Security (BASC) held in the hotel El Embajador.

“We want to continue to attack drug trafficking and for that investment is being made in training and we’re now training a canine corps to continue improving security at the ports,” Brewster said.

He said the US is ready to cooperate, but needs society’s awareness to halt drug traffickers’ continued advance.

For BASC president Erik Alma, the agenda includes participation with local authorities, U.S. Embassy staff and national and international experts, “to provide perspectives to strengthen the security of freight businesses."

In addition to Brewster and Alma, Customs Agency adviser Gregorio Lora and CT Strategies co-founder Gina Allen headed the event.

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