Local March 6, 2015 | 7:55 am

OAS, UN call for peace, stronger Dominican Republic-Haiti ties

Santo Domingo.- Organization of American States (OAS) representative in the country on Thursday said she expects Dominican Republic to reopen its consulates and embassy in Haiti soon, once Port-au-Prince guarantees the safety of Dominican officials.

Araceli Azuara said calm and peace should reign between the Hispaniola neighbors, because in her view they are two countries that have shared a land and a history for many years and that should take precedence.

"I think that a cool head must be kept, that’s very important, and that bilateral relations and dialogue continue open and on track for peace in both countries," she said.

Meanwhile UN System Resident Coordinator Lorenzo Jimenez de Luis also called for continued good ties between the neighboring countries, which he affirms should be even stronger.

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