Local March 17, 2015 | 9:29 am

Government’s Land Titling Plan doomed to fail: Think tank

Santo Domingo.- The Government’s National Land Titling Plan is stagnant and doomed to fail, the Institutionalism and Justice Foundation (Finjus) affirmed Monday.

The think tank’s report released Monday says president Danilo Medina’s goal of providing deeds for 150,000 new properties in four years cannot be reached,

The report ‘Assessment on the standing committee’s work on titling state lands as part of the national plan of government land titling,’ organization identifies and explores the pitfalls that, in its view, have impeded progress of the project the organization calls “imperative.”

Finjus notes that since the bill to establish the titling of properties as a National Strategy found no support, Medina had to issue executive order 624-12, to create the State Land Titling Permanent Commission (CPTTE ).

The document says however that there are no notable results still. "Six years after being formed, neither the institutions that make up the CPTTE nor its Executive Directorate have been able to reach the goal of titling 20,000 properties projected for late 2013."


According to the Finjus report, the Titling Plan’s stagnation results form several social, legal and institutional causes and cultural elements. It cites at least five major causes, starting with projects built by the government without in depth knowledge of the extent of the problem.

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