Local June 12, 2015 | 1:52 pm

Dominicans have a new Constitution as payoff accusations linger

Santo Domingo.- The National Assembly on Friday amended the Constitution to restore presidential election for a single term, allowing president Danilo Medina to seek a second consecutive term in office.

The legislation received 181 votes to 39 of the lawmakers in the session, with four absentees.

The Constitution will now state that “The President of the Dominican Republic can opt for a single reelection bid, and win or lose may never return to aspire to the same office or that of Vice President .”

The session began at 10am and ended at 1:10pm, when Assembly president Cristina Lizardo announced a 40-minute break prior to its conclusion.

The push to amend the Constitution –to be proclaimed tomorrow Saturday- was fraught with accusations from wide sectors that the ruling party (PLD) paid opposition lawmakers “as much as RD$15.0 million” for their vote, as denounced by PRD party deputy Jorge Frias on Wednesday.

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