Local June 18, 2015 | 3:04 pm

Few Haitians seen in Dominican cities on deportation fear(Update)

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Immigration Agency (DGM) reiterated Thursday that there will be no mass deportations of Haitian nationals and that each case will be processed individually respecting the immigrants rights, “in compliance with national legislation and international agreements.”

FILE. From the hills of Pedernales to the busiest intersections of Dominican Republic’s capital there’s a notable absence of Haitians on Thursday, one day after the government deadline for undocumented immigrants to register for legalization expired.

In Santo Domingo’s streets where many Haitian street vendors hawk everything from bottled water to candy are now mostly empty, while the few remaining tell local media their compatriots didn’t show up because "they couldn’t get their papers" and complain of the government’s lack of help.

“On the streets, the municipal market and even in businesses where Haitians living in areas of Pedernales and the town of Anse-Au-Pitre to Haiti usually gather, there’s been conspicuous absence of these foreigners and Dominican soldiers,” outlet listin.com.do reports.

It said the Haitians living in rural communities around Pedernales decided to return voluntarily to their country since yesterday, on fear of being repatriated by troops in the area. “There’s remarkable serenity throughout the border area Thursday on this side and surroundings of the town of Pedernales, where seen some Haitians are are scarcely circulating, fearing arrest and taken to their home country.”

There was noticeably low presence since Wednesday of undocumented immigrants who came to buy in stores or sell farm products, clothing and shoes on the streets.

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