Local June 29, 2015 | 3:59 pm

Environment halts extractions in major river, one day after complaints of ‘tolls’

Santo Domingo.- The Environment Ministry on Monday announced a halt of all mining and rechanneling of the Haina river, especially near the town Hato Nuevo, Santo Domingo province.

The announcement comes just one day after complaints that the Environment Ministry charged a “toll” to issue permits for various projectds, especially gasoline and propane gas stations.

Deputy Minister for soils and water, José Alarcón, said the companies that conduct the rechanneling of the river and extract aggregates had been notified, including Agregados JP, Constructora Xamix, Gracera La Pared and Roika Portorreal

“All channeling activities and intervention at critical points that have been taking place in the bed of the river Haina are now provisionally suspended," the official said. "The Environment and Natural Resources Ministry is beginning a process of evaluation of the activities that have been developed in this river source, so they should stop the intervention."

Environment minister Bautista Rojas said that efforts to maintain the preservation of the natural resources will continue.

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