Local July 14, 2015 | 3:19 pm

Boast less, do more: Young business leaders to Dominican leader

Santo Domingo.- The young business leaders grouped inANJE on Tuesday asked president Danilo Medina to punish the officials who’ve yetto file their financial statement o as Law Public Service Law 41stipulates, andinstead of boasting compliance, the government should act.

It said by allowing government officials to evadeaccountability on revenue the government sends the wrong signal to the public.

"Compliance with Law 311-14 on financial statementallows citizens to be aware of the origin of their assets, increasetransparency and the ability to detect illicit enrichment," said ANJE presidentBiviana Riveiro.

"The obligations established by the Dominican legalsystem must be complied with and required of all citizens alike. Benefiting aspecific group of society and giving them the freedom to choose whether or notto comply with the law, far from democratic principles that the currentgovernment boasts of complying," the business leader said.

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