Local November 26, 2015 | 4:37 pm

Promiscuous relationship: Dominican Republic politics & business

Santo Domingo.- The presidentialcandidate for two minority parties on Thursday said the alleged politicalretaliation by the government denounced by another presidential candidate,through a company owned by his family merit strong criticism for the tiesbetween politicians and businesses which in her view is "very harmful forpolitics" and government used the issue for political retaliation as well,”calling it a “promiscuous relationship” that must be ended.

APF and DemocraticChoice presidential candidate Minou Tavarez Mirabal said "it´s is painful”to see situations like this linked to a presidential candidacy.

“It cannot be that we inthe Dominican Republic have politicians who repeatedly get into businesses andentrepreneurs who get into politics and not place distances from one activityto another. The fact that this discussion takes place is indescribable and thatallegations such as this are made," Tavarez said in a statement.

Nonetheless Tavarez declinedto agree with PRM presidential candidate Luis Abinader´s assertion that thegovernment-ordered shutdown of a quarry owned by his family is “politicalretaliation.”

She said the linksbetween politicians and businessmen should be more clearly defined.

"It´s painful regardlessof the relationship, if that relationship is linked to a candidacy of if thegovernment used the issue for political retaliation as well. That´s why I callit a promiscuous relationship which is exactly why we have to put an end to thesesituations whether they come from the government or from the opposition."

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