Local March 7, 2016 | 5:22 pm

The Capital’s Ozama barge-bridge could collapse at any moment: Report

Santo Domingo.- A confidential technical report approved bythe Dominican Navy warns the Public Works Ministry that the barge-bridge overthe Rio Ozama, that links Santo Domingo with the National District, couldcollapse at any moment on its advanced deteriorated structure.

Outlet acento.com reports that the engineers which assembledthe structure affirm that 75% of the structure is irreparably damaged caused bya lack of maintenance and age, exposing motorists to an eventual collapse orsinking, “with possible tragic consequences.”

“The bridge’s condition is so deplorable that techniciansrecommend that the authorities dismantle and repair them (the barges) to usethem to tow trash and sediment collected from Rio Ozama.”

“Technicians suggest a ban on heavy vehicles such as trucksand buses to avert further damage and the bridge ‘eventual collapse.”

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