Local April 19, 2016 | 7:46 am

Dominican Republic holds first ever presidential candidates’ debate

Santo Domingo.- Seven of the eight presidency candidates Mondaynight participated in Dominican Republic’s first ever presidential debate,where they presented their proposals on issues such as health, education,public safety, immigration, energy, transparency, homes and programs for the firsthundred days in office, among others.

President Danilo Medina didn’t take part in the debate hostedby the young business leaders grouped in the ANJE, noting that front-runners incampaigns often turn down such invitations.

Luis Abinader, of the major opposition PRM party; GuillermoMoreno (Al-Pais); Minou Tavarez (APD); Soraya Aquino (PUN); Pelegrin Castillo (FNP);Elias Wessin (PQDC); and Hatuey De Camps (PRSD) participated in the nationallytelevised event.

The candidates agreed that the health sector needs more findingto provide better service in public hospitals and private clinics.

Aquino said the Government must make sure that subsidized clinicsdon’t deny emergency care to anyone.

Wessin said the sector needs at least 5% of GDP, which he affirmswould gradually allocate over the four years of his term in office.

All candidates criticized citizen security, with Abinader pledgingto raise police minimum salary to US$500 per month.

They criticized the way the government allocates the 4% ofGDP for education, citing buildings as its only priority, while teachereducation has been neglected.

The candidates also agreed on the need to enforce the ImmigrationLaw and identify the number of foreigners living in the country.

Castillo said he would build a wall along the border with Haitiand defend the country’s sovereignty.

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