Local June 3, 2016 | 12:09 pm

Govt. ‘snipers’ aim for ex-president Fernandez, ruling party leader warns

Santo Domingo.- A senior leader of Dominican Republic’s rulingparty (PLD) warned Friday that the organization will defend its president,Leonel Fernandez, regardless of whether the criticism comes from without orfrom the "snipers in the government."

Franklin Almeyda warned that the two factions in the PLD -oneidentified with president Danilo Medina and the other with Fernandez- must averta repeat of what the latter went through during the last four years, as theleader of the PLD.

"He was subjected to offenses, and that cannot be andwe will defend him from wherever the offenses come, whether outside the party, orfrom people in the government who also snipers, we will defend him from thosesnipers," said the also cofounder of the PLD.

"Many Dominicans know of Leonel’s manner, a wise,calm, peaceful man, with no grudges at all, and that’s good because he lives incalm, he who bears no grudge lived in peace, he who holds a grudge lives uneasily,"he said.

He said Fernandez wants respect as the leader of the PLDleader. "It’s a matter of respect. The things that happened to him eventhe protests staged at his home and his foundation, harassing him, that cannotbe, no. Bringing a drug dealer, to accuse him and pointing at him, that cannotbe and if someone now tries to involve in something, we will assume hisdefense."

He clarified that he isn’t Fernandez’ spokesman, I’m not aspokesman for Leonel. Even more, I’ve always been a very independent figure."

He warned government officials against “provoking” theparty’s leadership. "There are two or three newcomers to the PLD who’ve meteoricallyreached high positions, but authority isn’t gained that way and the authority isn’tgained with posts, you gain it with exercise."

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