Local June 9, 2016 | 8:18 am

Housing boom: Builders eye 100,000 units per year

Santo Domingo.- Housing Builders and Developers Association (ACOPROVI)president Hector Breton on Wednesday said around 62,000 homes are projected tobe built by yearend 2017 "that is, that our goal is that we can reach100,000 homes per year."

"We feel that if we build 60,000 per year, we are ontrack; then we get to 70,000 and can build 100,000 in about four years," Bretonsaid in the National Palace where he went with other promoters to congratulatepresident Danilo Medina for his election win.

He said homes are being built all over the country, scatteredin public-private projects, "such as Juan Bosch City is being built, whichare 25,000 homes; Juan Bosch in Santiago City, which are 10,000 and a number ofprojects that are just the private sector and others in the offing andstructuring process."

"There’s already a land bond, which the government issuesfor having state lands, the ITEBIS (tax-exemption) bonus, which is that after atax payment process it’s returned to the buyer," Breton said.

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