Local June 16, 2016 | 11:04 am

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Private corruptors must be punished just like corrupt officials

Santo Domingo.- The fight against corruption in the DominicanRepublic should be equally against the corrupt government officials and theprivate sector corruptors who benefit as well, said Herrera and Santo Domingoprovince Industries Association president Antonio Taveras on Wednesday.

He said there can be no impunity for smugglers absolutely,when they are caught trying to being contraband into the country.

“They just pay a fine and the applicable taxes and theirnames can’t even be made public, even though the smuggled goods are sold openlyin their businesses,” the business leader said, interviewed by the CorripioMedia Group.

“That’s why the country needs a fiscal pact, but it must beaccompanied by a new wave of reforms that should include the judiciary, so itcan punish not only the smugglers and tax dodgers, but also those who violateexisting laws,” Taveras said, accompanied by Juan Amell, Greicy Romero, JoséAlfredo Corripio, Nelson Marrero, Vilma Camilo and Cesar Nicolas Penson.

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