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Fathom’s Dom. Rep. STEM Voyage underscores its commitment to student education around the world

Miami /PRNewswire/.- Fathom, the pioneer in social impact traveland Carnival Corporation’s (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK) 10th and newest brand, isfinalizing preparations for its July 17 Dominican Republic voyage representingthe first ever cruise to the Caribbean focused on Science, Technology,Engineering and Math (STEM) programming. The 7-day cruise will featurespecialized STEM-focused workshops for educators that Fathom developed in closecollaboration with the Center for Science Teaching and Learning (CSTL). Fathomalso will play host to the fifth annual Clean Tech Competition, a uniqueresearch and design challenge for pre-college youth. Additionally, advertisingstudents from the Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma’s (OU)student-run advertising and public relations agency Lindsey + Asp will join thesailing as part of their partnership with Fathom to promote this first-everSTEM-focused cruise to the Caribbean.

"Since our founding, Fathom has consideredexperiential education a central element of the experience we are bringing totravelers and communities," said Tara Russell, president of Fathom andglobal impact lead for Carnival Corporation. "By hosting the first-everSTEM cruise to the Caribbean, we are demonstrating our commitment to educationin a creative and innovative way by engaging as partners, educators andstudents who are actively working to advance our collective understanding andapplication of STEM while at the same time working to further build youngleaders."

Russell has a personal reason for wanting to create thiscommunity. "Both Tyson (10) and Lucy (8) love complicated math. I want todo all I can to encourage their continuing passion. We need to make math andscience and business cool and exciting for kids -– so they embrace theirinterests and don’t feel like outsiders for studying what they love."

According to Russell, Fathom’s partnership with theUniversity of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College student-run advertising and publicrelations agency is yet another way the company is furthering its commitment toeducation. "The students created an incredible project during theircapstone class on behalf of Fathom, which led to an ongoing partnership betweenFathom and Lindsey + Asp. Through this partnership, they have applied theirclassroom learning to a ‘real-world’ marketing opportunity – to build awarenessand drive sales for Fathom," she said. "With this cruise, we havecreated a ‘living lab’ for them to put their skills to work as they promoteFathom while seeing for themselves the truly unique impact experience we provideenhanced this week by the STEM theme."

For educator programming, Fathom worked alongside Ray AnnHavasy, Ph.D., director of the CSTL, to design progressive and engagingprofessional development workshops to help educators continue promoting studentlearning of critical STEM concepts. Fathom workshops will provide specializedtraining and information on STEM-related teaching resources, collaborative STEMprogram support, and technical career development opportunities. The featuredonboard programing will emphasize the following areas:

As host of the Clean Tech Competition, Fathom will welcomeonboard talented 15- to 18-year old students from around the world to showcasetheir creative solutions to "Make an Impact" by offsetting humans’negative effects on the planet. The competition is designed to foster a deeperunderstanding of STEM-related concepts, recognize outstanding talent, andprepare the next generation of globally competitive innovators. The winningteam will receive an award of $10,000, as well as the opportunity to develop anongoing relationship with a professor who will serve as a long-time mentor and assistthem in furthering their work and education.

Fathom’s Partnership with the University of OklahomaGaylord College

An additional element of the Fathom’s July 17 cruise willbe the participation of University of Oklahoma (OU) advertising students on thesailing. Members of the University’s student-run advertising and publicrelations agency Lindsey + Asp will travel aboard the STEM-focused sailing tofilm Fathom’s impact activities and share its commitment to student educationglobally. Participating in the sailing is just another step in what began as asemester-long capstone project, which led to the agency’s full-time partnershipwith Fathom to apply four years of coursework and academic study in a"real-world" engagement designed to promote the new brand.

As a part of the students’ semester-long project, theyworked closely with Fathom to strengthen Fathom’s brand awareness and educatethe consumer marketplace about the new impact travel category. The studentsconducted focus groups on to design their campaign for the company thenimplemented a robust program throughout the year.

STEM Activities Augmented by Social Impact Experiences

Travelers sailing aboard the STEM voyage will participatein the range of social impact activities in the Dominican Republic for whichFathom has become known, including educational programs benefitting school-agedchildren and adult students alike. For STEM educators on the July 17 cruise,Fathom has organized additional, special exchanges between U.S. and Dominican teachersto discuss how to further integrate STEM content into the Dominican schoolcurriculum.

In addition to the education programs, Fathom offers abroad range of authentic impact activities focusing on the environment andeconomic development. The company has developed close partnerships withorganizations with deep roots in the Dominican Republic. The activitiestravelers participate in will have an immediate and lasting impact, tailoredspecifically to what each community needs most. Example impact activitiesinclude building water filters for Dominican homes; helping a women’scooperative produce artisan chocolates; improving homes and common areas inimpoverished communities; assisting arts and crafts entrepreneurs;participating in community English-language retention activities; and supportingreforestation efforts.

Fathom’s STEM sailing is a first of its kind in whicheducators can learn, share and motivate each other while continuing their ownprofessional development and supporting talented pre-college youth from aroundthe world. They may do all this while collectively impacting the lives ofthousands of Dominicans through organized social impact activities. Prices forthe seven-day STEM trip to the Dominican Republic start at $499 per person,excluding taxes, fees and port expenses and including all meals on the ship,onboard social impact immersion experiences, three on-shore social impactactivities and related supplies. To reserve a spot on this and future Fathomsailings, travelers may call 1-855-932-8466 or work with a travel professional.Learn more at www.Fathom.org.

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