Local August 18, 2016 | 8:48 am

Prosecution says ex Potable Water chief embezzled US$4.1M+

Santo Domingo.- The Office of the Anticorruption Persecutor(Pepca) on Wednesday charged National Potable Water Institute (INAPA) formerdirector Alberto Alcibiades Holguin Cruz of embezzling more than RD$190 million(US$4.1 million) during his tenure since 2012.

Pepca said Holguin maneuvered, altered and concealed hisstake in four companies and a foundation, entities in which he hid his financialparticipation, and business links to obtain capital for himself and others.

"He organized tenders and raffles for contractingworks, calling public tenders for all private companies, however when selectingthe winner, did so for one of his relatives, regardless of who submitted thebest technical, or economic offer, as required by the law," the indictmentsays.

It cites cases where works were awarded to the company IngenieriaCivil y Ambiental (ICA), owned by Sobeida Perdomo Ogando, which obtained ninecontracts and addendums for works in different parts of the country, eight of whichwere signed in just one day.

The Pepca said the contracts totaled RD$392.7 million, onwhich Perdomo Ogando is also being investigated.

The indictment notes that on September 20, 2012, Holguin submittedbefore a notary his financial statement which listed only three commercial assets:companies Cubierta Dominicana, Dicocisa and Servicios Técnicos de IngenieríaArquitectura y Agrimensura; however the Internal Taxes Agency (DGII) registershim as owning shares in seven companies and as a member of a foundation.

Holguin is also accused of using his function to benefit relatives,assigning INAPA contracts to friends, relatives and partners of his private businesses.

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