Local September 8, 2016 | 7:55 am

Organized crime controls Dominican Republic authorities: Senator

Santo Domingo.- Outspoken senator Wilton Guerrero on Wednesdaysaid the heads of drug cartels are in effect conducting Dominican Republic’s NationalPolice, the antinarcotics agency (DNCD) and the Justice Ministry.

The legislator from southern Peravia province, who yearsago accused the local police officials of having links with drug traffickers, affirmed during a Senate session that societyand the public are entitled to know more about the information and details ofthe case of a major drug shipment allegedly involving 30 National Police seniorofficials and officers.

The lawmaker of the ruling party (PLD) also said that togetherwith the head of the Central Region Police Command, based in Santiago, is acolonel who’s allegedly involved with organized crime and drug trafficking.

He said all of the details of the criminal case are being handledin secrecy, discretely, for which it hasn’t been made public. "In theregional command based in Santiago, there is a deep crisis in the police operationalmanagement, which should draw the attention of the authorities at the highestlevels."

He noted that the Central Region Police Command has had sixgenerals in less than a year, including well-known senior officers officialsthroughout the country.

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