Local October 19, 2016 | 4:42 pm

CENAPEC announces Golf Cup at Punta Cana, Nov. 19

Santo Domingo.- APEC University Distance Education Centers (CENAPEC)announced Tuesday its first "CENAPEC Open Golf Cup 2016" at La Cana linksin Punta Cana, on Saturday Nov. 19.

The competition aims to raise funds for 200scholarships for adults of low income, pregnant teens, people with disabilitiesand inmates to obtain a high school degree under CENAPEC programs.

"We’re confident that all companies thathave approached us will be willing to join this effort, whose sole purpose isto promote the progress of our nation and together in some way stop inequality,vulnerability and marginalization," said CENAPEC executive director RamónSosa Alcantara, during a cocktail to announce the tournament with friends and associatesat Mitre restaurant.

The cost to participate is RD$5,500 andincludes freen fee, practice balls, shared golf cart, raffles, breakfast, lunchand drinks on the links.

Sosa added that the players also attend anauction to bid on valuable works of art and other items.

More information: [email protected] andphone: 809-476-7204.

For registration clic here.

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