Local October 25, 2016 | 12:57 pm

Brazil plane-maker’s confessed bribe to Dominican officers ‘nothing new’

Santo Domingo.- "Nothing new" iswhat Justice minister Jean Alain Rodriguez on Tuesday called Brazil plane-makerEmbraer’s admitted US$3.5 million bribe to Dominican military officers in the US$93.5million deal for eight Super Tucano aircraft,

"The report which has been published didn’tinclude anything new that wasn’t already included in the file submitted andwhich indictments were achieved," the official said.

He said he received confidential reports theUS provided to Brazil which mention the government officials who allegedlyreceived 3.5 million dollars. "Yes, in fact it was requested, and wasdeposited in the same way the United States requested the collaboration of theDominican Republic and received the collaboration."

He said a serious investigation respecting dueprocess is underway. "What you’ve seen, I again repeat, is much less thanwhat’s in the file and that’s why you have seen, there are four people underinvestigation free on bond and the case file is being strengthened."

"You, all citizens and the entire countrycan be sure that where we see violations, where we see signs, people will beinterrogated and will be brought to stand trial," the official said.

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