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‘Vote Hillary’ tweet splits Dominican Republic’s ruling party

Santo Domingo.- Senate president ReinaldoPared on Wednesday called vice president Margarita Cedeño’s video urging Dominicansin the US to vote for democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in next week’selections "excessive recklessness."

The lawmaker becomes the second ruling party(PLD) leader to criticize Cedeño’s call, after Presidency administrativeminister Jose Ramon Peralta voiced a similar objection on Tuesday.

"She committed excessive recklessness,she should’ve taken into account that she’s vice-president of the Republic,"said Pared, who is also the general secretary of the PLD.

He said as president of the Senate, he cannotspeak for the PLD. "I cannot make a decision of that nature, unless theparty leadership decides to appoint me to speak on their behalf."

When asked if his statements against the VicePresident were too strong Pared, replied: "No gentlemen, you know thesituation the country would be placed in if Donald Trump won the electionsand the presidency of the United States, it would be very difficult."

Vice President

On Wednesday Cedeño tweeted that she had asked Dominicans in the US tovote for Clinton because "I cannot be indifferent to the barbarities ofthe Republican candidate, who has repeated again and again, with direct threatsto Latinos within and outside his country, which includes 1.8 millionDominicans in the United States."

Cedeño added that not doing so "wouldbetray my valuesand principles. It’s a moral issue."

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