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The Dominican Republic will be among the first to receive a vaccine against Covid-19

Santo Domingo DR


The Dominican Republic will be one of the first countries to receive Oxford’s coronavirus vaccine.

The information was offered yesterday by President Luis Abinader during a meeting with representatives of the television media and was published by the producer and presenter of the Telenoticias news program, Roberto Cavada.

“The Dominican Republic will be one of the first countries to test the Oxford vaccine for Covid-19,” said Abinader.

Previously, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) had confirmed that the country would benefit from the first available vaccine to face the disease, including the one from Oxford.

Then, Alma Morales, PAHO representative, explained that the Dominican Republic, like 28 other countries in the region, will access the new vaccines through the PAHO Revolving Fund.

Meanwhile, deaths from Covid-19 continue to lacerate Dominican families with an official record of 45 deaths in the last two days, while 226 patients were yesterday in critical health conditions due to the disease admitted to intensive care units of different Health establishments.

Yesterday, 17 new deaths were reported in the surveillance system and 28 that had been officially registered the previous day. Most of the recent deaths were captured in centers in Santo Domingo and Santiago with five cases each; La Vega with four recent deaths and the National District with two.

The records of new positive cases of Covid-19 show a reduction compared to previous weeks, although the system is practically registering only the results of samples that are processed in private laboratories due to technical difficulties presented by the National Laboratory Dr. Defilló, which is where samples taken in hospitals and other public network establishments are processed.

Yesterday 407 new positive cases of Covid-19 were registered out of a total of 2,694 processed samples, of which only 192 were carried out in the National Laboratory, of which 79 were positive.

The accumulated

To date, a cumulative 92,964 confirmed cases are reported in the country since the start of the pandemic and 1,630 deaths for a fatality rate of 1.75% and 165 per million inhabitants.

The special bulletin 161 issued yesterday by the General Directorate of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, indicates that 7,370 people are in hospital isolation and 19,617 in home isolation.

The total number of recovered to date captured by the system is 64,347 of those registered as positive.

Of the 226 patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, 40.71% are in Greater Santo Domingo, 29.64% in establishments in Santiago, and 11.50% in the Duarte province.

The system registers 273 health workers positive for Covid-19. However, only the Dominican Medical College (CMD) ensures that it has a record that more than 400 doctors have been infected. The College of Nurses estimates that about 600 of them have been infected throughout the epidemic.



Ciproc asks the Ministry of Public Health to make an evaluation and accurate handling of cases to promote a downward response.


The records of new positive cases of Covid are shown in reduction compared to previous weeks. However, the system is recording practically only the results that are processed in private laboratories.




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