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Director of Agricultural Development announces campaign promoting goat and sheep consumption

Galván explained that the "Tamo En Chivo" campaign aims to achieve a change in culture in the country-

The director of the Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA), Hecmilio Galván, announced today a national campaign to promote the consumption of goat and sheep meat in the country.

The initiative is carried out within the framework of the Plan for the Relaunch, Repopulation and Development of the Sheep-Goat Sector promoted by the FEDA, with an investment of more than 350 million and that aims to double the production of this item in the country and avoid the importation of this palatable meat.

Galván explained that the “Tamo En Chivo” campaign aims to change the country’s culture since goats and sheep are only consumed on special occasions; however, “this meat is important to be consumed at all times once or twice a week.

He indicated that with the increase in the consumption of goats and sheep in the country, it would be possible to improve the income levels of producers and their families with the increase in production through the ovicaprine (sheep and goat) project that will be executed by the Special Fund for Agricultural Development, by the provision of the President Luis Abinader.

Galván announced the promotional campaign that seeks to motivate the population to increase goat meat consumption within the framework of Christmas With Chivo, an event held in the Cattle City.

This campaign will include television spots and networks, posters, media tours, fairs, and gastronomic competitions while being part of the essential activities of the Plan for the Relaunch, Repopulation, and Development of the Goat Sheep Sector, which also includes more than 30 training workshops and seminars. , which will benefit more than 3,000 breeders and direct financing for a production that will help more than 1,000 producers with a loan of RD $ 300,000 thousand pesos

The words of welcome were given by Eric Rivero, President of the Dominican Association of Milk Producers (APROLECHE), and words of motivation for the project were provided by the director of Livestock, Geovanni Molina.

Andrés Hilario also spoke, representing the Ovicaprino Breeders Cooperative (COOPDOCRIO). 

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December 23, 2021 12:04 pm

Agreed 100%