Local March 3, 2022 | 4:52 pm

Operation Discovery: what it is and where the name comes from

Santo Domingo, DR

This Wednesday, an alleged criminal network was dismantled in Santiago, Santo Domingo, La Vega, and Puerto Plata. The name given by the Public Ministry to this operation was Discovery.

Several raids were carried out in different call centers in Santiago (the operational center of the network) allegedly “dedicated to cybercrime, sexual and economic extortion, as well as the identity theft of United States citizens.”

Why is it called Discovery? A source told reporters from Listín Diario that the operation is called by this name, first of all, because the defendants used false names, qualities, identities, and companies; and second, because, despite everything they did to hide, they were discovered.

The source also revealed that the investigation was carried out for more than a year, which allowed them to gather “thousands of evidence, that is, discover everything.”

Sucre Rafael Rodríguez Ortiz (Darimán and/or Daria), Máximo Miguel Mena Peña, Emmanuel Castro Ozuna (Bill), Mayobanex Braulio Rafael Rodríguez Fernández, Ángel Rafael Peralta Guzmán, Genaro Antonio Hernández Caba, Pablo Miguel Balbuena (Miguel Ortiz and/or the Valve) and David Antonio Guzmán Javier. 

Some 400 thousand dollars, more than 19.2 million pesos in cash, 30 high-end vehicles, 300 pieces of electronic equipment, seven pistols, and an Uzi machine gun during the raids were also seized.

What was the network based on?

The network members supposedly had an association of criminals that usurped functions that incurred money laundering and illegal carrying and possession of firearms.

The network members allegedly made harassing phone calls, sent medications using “delivery,” and even usurped official functions of the United States, including FBI agents.

The network apparently relied on cryptocurrencies and the national financial system to move capital. In addition, it is alleged that they acquired millions in assets due to their criminal actions.


The operation was carried out with the support of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations (Dicrim), with agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Office of National Security Investigations (HSI). They also carried out simultaneous raids in New York City, USA.


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Felix Arroyo
March 5, 2022 12:56 am

Well done! Thank you!