Local November 23, 2022 | 12:00 pm

Deputies approve the elimination of the Corporation of State Electric Companies

In the first reading, the Chamber of Deputies approved the abolition of the Dominican Corporation of State Electric Companies (CDEEE) and the Rural and Suburban Electrification Unit (UERS). The Executive Branch’s piece has already been approved by the Senate of the Republic, and only the sanction of reading is required for it to become law. The functions of the CDEEE and UERS will be transferred to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, according to the project.

In the case of the UERS, “it will be the legal successor, and thus the owner of any obligation or right, claim, contingency, contract, title, sentence, award, permit, license, registration, or automation over which I was in charge.”

Similarly, the Empresa de Generación Eléctrica Punta Catalina (EGEPC) was established to transfer ownership and administration of the Thermoelectric Power Plant’s electric generation units, equipment, systems, and buildings.

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