Local December 22, 2022 | 9:30 am

Sentence of 20 years in prison is imposed on a robber who killed two people in the National District

A robber who kept residents of the Cristo Rey sector and its surroundings in distress was sentenced in separate trials to serve two sentences of 30 and 20 years in prison for having shot two people fatally last year. Julio Antonio Vargas Santos (Supirito) was accused of committing the crimes in events recorded in August and September 2021 in the La Agustinita and Cristo Rey sectors, in the National District. In both processes, the litigating prosecutor, Orlando Santos, demonstrated with material and testimonial evidence the criminal responsibility of the defendant, who committed the acts together with some men only known as “Pocho” and “Juan Cuco,”  who remain fugitives.

The last of these sentences occurred on December 14, when Vargas Santos was found guilty and sentenced to 30 years by the judges of the Third Collegiate Court of the National District for taking the life of Luciano Rodríguez Robles. The event occurred during a robbery on the morning of September 4, 2021, in front of a house located on Don Chino Pedestrian Street, in Cristo Rey. Twenty days after the crime against Rodríguez Robles, the man murdered another person during a robbery in front of a house on 38 Cristo Rey Street, in Los Obreros Alley.

For this fact, on August 4 of this year, the Fourth Collegiate Court of the National District imposed a sentence of 20 years in prison. The file details that Suspirito and the two fugitives were in the area carrying firearms. Upon seeing the victim, Emmanuel Zapata Matos, they immediately attacked him with bullets, causing his death. The man is serving his sentence in La Victoria Prison. According to Dominican judicial procedure, the maximum time in prison will be that of the most significant penalty, which is 30 years.

The criminal actions of Julio Antonio Vargas Santos were classified by the National District Prosecutor’s Office as voluntary homicides and illegal possession of weapons, provided for and punished by articles 265, 266, 295, 304, and 379 of the Penal Code, which punish robbery and association of criminals with homicide, as well as articles 66 and 67 of Law 631-16, for the Control and Regulation of Weapons, Ammunition, and Related Materials.

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