Local January 10, 2023 | 8:11 am

Constitutional Court rejects action for the protection of deaf people who demand guarantees of their rights

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People with hearing impairments failed to achieve their goal of having the Constitutional Court summon the National Congress to approve a law that protects their rights and considers measures in their favor. The Court dismissed a direct action for unconstitutionality filed by the Dominican National Association of the Deaf (ANSORDO) for alleged legislative omission resulting from a violation of Articles 26, 39.3, 58, and 64.2 of the Constitution, as well as for failing to approve a project law regulating sign language.

The union asked the Court to order Congress to pass legislation recognizing and supporting deaf people’s cultural and linguistic identities through rights, guarantees, and other means. They primarily demand that, as mandated by the Magna Carta, they be guaranteed the exercise of all their rights through law, without any discrimination based on their disability.

People with disabilities are protected by Article 58 of the Constitution, which Ansordo believes Congress omitted. It states that the state will promote, protect, and ensure that people with disabilities have access to all human rights and fundamental freedoms.


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Paul Tierney
January 10, 2023 9:17 am

This article is vague about the rights.

I would expect these “rights” would include at least one hearing person able to “sign” to be available in government offices, at political events, and even in the congress. Require signing people and/or information banners on tv’s broadcasts.