Local February 21, 2023 | 5:00 pm

Unknown suspects steal more than 375 metric tons of soybean meal from the port of Western Haina

The Bulk Terminal (Tegra) denounced this Tuesday that one of the users of that consortium suffered millions in losses when unknown peoples stole from the Haina Occidental dock more than 375 metric tons of soybean meal from a ship that was unloading agri-food material imported by one of its companies. The action, which left estimated losses of more than 230 thousand dollars, was carried out through the use of dump trucks with a capacity of up to 30 metric tons, which was recorded in the security cameras of the concessionaire and operator of the port. In a press release, Tegra indicated that the ship from which the merchandise was stolen was anchored from the 11th to the 16th of this month at pier 4 of the Port of Western Haina, with a bulk load of agro-inputs for the food industry, made up of soybean meal, soybean, and wheat.

They also indicated that the bulk terminal has information that a video recording of a moment of the vandalism occurred at dawn on Thursday the 16th, when two people, aboard a dump truck, entered and left the dock as if they were authorized personnel to carry out the soy transfer operation. However, they specified that it was at the end of the unloading work of the ship that a million-dollar loss was confirmed. “This confirms that the transfer of soybeans was carried out at successive moments during the ship’s stay in the port.”

Tegra assured that the incident was reported to the authorities and that he hopes that the investigation will conclude in the shortest time with the arrest and submission to the justice of those responsible so that they answer for the theft committed against businessmen established in that port.


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Paul Tierney
February 21, 2023 5:49 pm

They were not unknown? Was it an inside job?