Local March 2, 2023 | 1:18 pm

Students of Modern Languages denounce the lack of teachers at the UASD

Students of Modern Languages from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) denounced that they have withdrawn from their careers due to the lack of teachers, which in the last four-month period affected the development of teaching. The lack of teachers affects some 500 students who have not been able to take the subjects of English Phonetics, English Composition, Thesis Seminar, and Foreign Language Acquisition.

Omar Romero and Omairy Mercedes, two of those affected, explained that, due to irresponsibility on the part of the authorities, hundreds of students are about to lose a subject, which would make it difficult for many to enroll in the monograph and for others to advance in the career. “On several occasions, we have gone to the university in search of answers, we visited the language school and spoke with the director Abad and with the dean, Gerardo Roa, and on February 14 they assured us that by the end of that week, we would already have the teachers and they have not resolved us yet,” they reported.

They complained that the answer they always get is that they are working on it and that they are doing the admission process to find teachers, but since January they have been waiting and the semester ends in May. “Publicly, we want to make a call to the authorities of the UASD, so that they give us a concrete answer as soon as possible to all the students of the modern languages-English career regarding the subjects that do not have a teacher. There is a subject that if we don’t take it we would have to wait another year to graduate,” they added.

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