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Steps to follow to acquire for the first time or to renew the Dominican passport

Illustrative image of the Dominican passport, LD file

Santo Domingo DR
The passport is a necessary identity document for those needing or wanting to travel to another country.

Due to the great demand for passports registered in the Dominican Republic since 2022, the Directorate of Passports will have a special schedule: from 8:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening.

A series of steps must be taken to obtain the document for the first time or for its renewal. Here we explain the steps you must follow and the cost you must pay to obtain the identity document.

The requirements to obtain the document for the first time are four: original birth certificate with QR code, original identity, and electoral card, digital photograph (to be taken at the passport office), and tax payment receipt from the Banco de Reservas (online or virtual payment).

Once you have the required documents, the next step is to schedule the appointment by phone or through the Passport page. Then, go to the nearest office and go to the cashier to pay for the digital photograph.

Once these processes are completed, the applicant must provide the required data capture, fingerprints, and signature.

documentsThe passport will be issued with the name appearing on the current Identity Card and birth certificate as long as it coincides with the database of the Central Electoral Board (JCE).

In the case of female citizens who wish to have their married name in their passport, they must present their updated identity card where it appears.

In Tock up the passport, they must present their identification card and the passport delivery form, which they receive when they finalize their application.


There are three ways to pay for the process of issuance or renewal of the passport booklet: norregularIP, and VIP for 1tenyears, with a cost of RD$1,650, RD$2,650, and RD$5,650, respectively.

The three payment modalities yield the same result, only that the VIP payments were created to satisfy the urgency of some citizens since the issuance is delivered the same day for the additional cost.

In addition to paying for the document, the photograph must be paid for RD$300.


For the renewal, the process is similar. Make an appointment, and once you arrive on the agreed day, you must bring the passport booklet that has expired or is about to expire.

Also, the passport can be renewed if its pages are damaged.

In case of loss, a certificate of loss issued by the National Police will be requested at the Passport Office.

Unlike the first-time issuance, the renewal is more expensive, being the same modalities, but with a difference of one thousand pesos: Normal RD$2,650.0, VIPRD$ 3,650.00, and VIP 10 years RD$ 6,650.00.

The requirements and costs demanded by the General Directorate of Passports may vary according to the applicant’s age if they are naturalized or born in a national territory or if the renewal is due to loss, expiration, exhaustion of pages, or deterioration of the document.

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