Local April 14, 2023 | 11:42 am

Director of the CAASD will propose the installation of a desalination plant to produce drinking water

Felipe Suberví, the director of the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD), announced that the organization plans to enhance water production by installing a desalination plant. He stated that a renowned company, whose identity he did not disclose, won the tender and is conducting studies for several projects aimed at increasing water supply to the inhabitants of Greater Santo Domingo. Suberví emphasized that the CAASD has developed all of its plans, unlike previous governments.

The projects encompass various options, including a proposal for the Haina dam, a Hatillo intake, and the Don Juan dam in Monte Plata. Additionally, a plant is being considered to convert saline water into potable water. Suberví noted that the pre-feasibility studies would be delivered to the President within a month or a month and a half so that appropriate measures could be taken to finance, bid, or utilize self-funding to execute the most feasible project for citizens.

Suberví made these remarks during an interview after presiding over a mass of thanksgiving for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the CAASD in the Santo Domingo Cathedral, accompanied by his father Rafael Suberví Bonilla, wife, and key CAASD officials. He mentioned the rehabilitation of more than 40 kilometers of ravines, the correction of leaks, and the improvement of the Isabela system and wells. Customer service via the call center and departments related to water quality and the project executing unit have also been enhanced. He praised the team’s achievements with the unwavering support of President Luis Abinader, despite the many challenges they have encountered.

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April 17, 2023 10:44 am

Great plan. Should consider this for the other major ocean-front locations.