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Abinader: “We have delivered more housing than any other government has ever delivered before”

View of the apartments in the Lolita I project. (FRANCISCO ARIAS)

This Saturday, President Luis Abinader presided over two apartment handover ceremonies, benefiting 208 families who now have a roof over their heads.

The first delivery of some 112 apartments occurred in the Hato Nuevo sector, in Manoguayabo, Santo Domingo Oeste, specifically in the Hato Nuevo V Residencial, built by Constructora Bisonó.

In his speech, the President praised the trajectory of the construction company and the “innovative scheme, which is really working” of public-private alliances.

“This is a government of all. A government of those who have the least and it is also a government to develop business, to develop commerce and those who think that there are differences between one sector and another, it is the opposite,” he said.

Abinader explained that it is fundamental to maintain social peace with actions of social justice.

“That is why we have increased social assistance in the government. More than doubled, because we have doubled the amount given and we have doubled the number of people who receive it,” he added.

He also stressed that “the goal of any family when asked what they want in life is to have their own home.”

“In these two years and eight months, we have delivered more houses than any other government has ever delivered before… We will continue to do so because of the importance we give to social programs,” he concluded.

For his part, the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos, offered detailed information on the investment made in this project.

“When I speak of public-private alliances, I want you to know that this project had an investment of more than 252 million pesos by the developer, Constructora Bisonó, while the State, represented by the Government headed by President Luis Abinader, contributed more than 97 million pesos in subsidies,” explained the Minister.

Santos specified that of the subsidy, 33.6 million pesos correspond to the Bono Inicial, 24.1 million to Bono Itbis, and 37.6 million to Bono Tasa. He also indicated that 1.7 million pesos are focused on the Bono Mujer, granted to nine women who are heads of household.

The President of Constructora Bisonó, Rafael Vitelio Bisonó, also participated in the event and highlighted the compliance in the payments of the people who request support from the social programs.

Lolita I Project
Afterward, the authorities moved to the Lolita I Residencial, also in Hato Nuevo, where 96 new apartments were delivered to an equal number of families through the National Housing Plan Familia Feliz.

Among the beneficiaries, four female heads of the household received the Bono Mujer granted by the Ministry of Women. With these 96 units, there are now 753 housing units delivered by the government through the Happy Family Plan.

Minister Santos explained that these 96 families had been supported with 77,696,000 pesos by receiving the Initial, Itbis, and 7-year rate bonds, considerably reducing the value of the house they are receiving today.

The developer of Residencial Lolita I, Louis Bogaert, invested more than 208 million pesos in an infrastructure project that guarantees security and comfort to the residents. At the same time, the government assumed an essential subsidy for the families.

On behalf of Louis Bogaert, his wife, Nicole Morales, said that Residencial Lolita I has 21 buildings, with apartments ranging from 54 to 68 square meters, designed with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, laundry area, and balcony.

Likewise, the Lolita II and III projects are already in the permitting phase to begin construction soon.

More housing
Minister Joel Santos announced that by 2023 another 5,000 homes are planned to be delivered, and by 2024 the construction of 10,000 more is planned, thus adding to other programs being developed by this government, such as Mi Vivienda and RD se Reconstruye.

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