Local May 15, 2023 | 4:27 pm

The Dominican Republic is a benchmark for its priority in the search for solutions to sargassum

Santo Domingo.- The Central American Integration System (SICA) has commended the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of the Environment for establishing a multisectoral table dedicated to the comprehensive management of sargassum. Jair Urriola, the executive secretary of the Central American Commission for Environment and Development of SICA, praised the Dominican Republic for prioritizing the search for solutions to address the presence of macroalgae on coastlines and beaches.

He emphasized that SICA’s mission as an integration system is to unite efforts to combat the sargassum issue that affects the entire region.

Urriola further stated that SICA will promote the establishment of national tables in other countries and the creation of a regional commission to facilitate coordinated efforts in tackling the sargassum problem. The Dominican Republic’s table focuses on developing a comprehensive and sustainable management plan for sargassum, which includes short, medium, and long-term strategies.

The concerns regarding sargassum were previously addressed by the leaders during the 56th meeting of SICA Heads of State and/or Government. They expressed worry about the detrimental impact of sargassum on marine flora and fauna, tourism, and the economies of many island nations in the Greater Caribbean. The establishment of the multisectoral table in the Dominican Republic showcases the country’s commitment to finding effective solutions to mitigate the impact of sargassum in the region.

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