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1,660 breeding sites of the mosquito that transmits dengue fever have been eliminated

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Public Health reported that hundreds of volunteers from the different institutions that make up the “Cabinet of Action against Dengue” intervened in various districts of the national territory, impacting 71 sectors and 174,775 people, managing to eliminate 1,660 breeding sites of the Aedes aegypti mosquito during Monday and Tuesday.

The data shows that 34,955 houses were fumigated and de-securitized, in addition to the delivery of educational material and other activities aimed at counteracting the spread of the disease in various areas of the country.

The social mobilization carried out during these two days involved the various entities grouped in the Cabinet of Action against Dengue, which also applied some 6,924 units of abate (larvicide), which serves to prevent the production of larvae in tanks and other containers used in water storage for domestic use.

Also, during the day, 1,372 posters or promotional materials were distributed among the 6,991 households visited, and hygiene kits containing chlorine, sponges to smear the tanks, and brochures, among others, were handed out. Fumigation actions were carried out in 56 sectors.

The Ministry of Public Health informed that, with the massive fumigations, the aim is to help reduce the vector population significantly so that the registered cases should decrease in the next few days.

In addition, the Health agency noted that the interventions seek to reduce the intensity of transmission during epidemics and reduce multiple infections of the disease, thus improving environmental health, among other actions, and recalling that dengue serotype three is the most abundant and that this did not circulate in the country since 2019.

From Monday 23 until Friday 27, the eight Health Areas of the Ministry of Health, in coordination with the General Directorate of Strategic and Special Projects (PROPEEP) and other agencies, are intervening in the sectors Mina and Barrio Peña, Guanuma, Sierra Prieta, Mata Mamón, Barrios La Ciénaga, Proyecto habitacional La Zurza and Villas Agrícolas, Capotillo, Cristo Rey, as well as Ensanche Kennedy, Mejoramiento Social, Las Cañitas, San Juan Bosco, San Miguel, Antonio Duvergé and Buenos Aires.

Also, La Agustina, Cristo Rey, Los Girasoles, Los Ríos, Las Caoba, La yuca and Pueblo Nuevo, Pantoja, Pedro Brand and Pueblo Nuevo.

This Tuesday, operations were carried out in Tamarindo, La Zurza, San Juan de la Maguana, 36 Norte, Emma Balaguer, Los Mártires, Máximo Gómez and 35 A streets, as well as the delivery of dengue induction and prevention material and other actions in 21 highway, in Ovando Avenue, Duarte, Moca Street, Callejón Progreso, Obrero and the back 21 in the Villas Agrícolas sector, as well as in Villa María, in Betances, San Martín, Osvaldo Basil, 15, 11 and Máximo Grullón streets. Some 28,312 people have been deployed by the various institutions that make up the Emergency Operations Center COE during the first day of the National Day of Action against Dengue.

The Ministry of Public Health confirms that these campaigns will continue throughout the national territory during the present week.

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