Local January 9, 2024 | 8:25 am

Minister Joel Santos Echavarría reports positive crime reduction trends in early 2024

Santo Domingo.- Joel Santos Echavarría, the Minister of the Presidency, recently expressed optimism about the positive strides made in combating crime and criminality in the Dominican Republic as 2024 begins. This improvement is credited to the coordinated efforts of the Joint Task Force, consisting of the National Police, Armed Forces, National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD), and the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

Santos Echavarría highlighted a notable reduction in the homicide rate. The rate fell from 13.1 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2022 to 11.5 in 2023, demonstrating a significant decrease. This reduction in homicides is a result of the effective and coordinated operations of the Joint Task Force.

In several regions, there has been a marked decrease in homicide rates. For instance, the Northern Region based in Puerto Plata shows a reduction of 8.03%. Similarly, the Northwest region (Mao) and La Altagracia (Higüey) both experienced a decrease of 9.06%. Cibao Central (Santiago) and Cibao Sur (Bonao) saw a reduction of 9.08%, while the Northwest region (San Francisco of Macorís) achieved a decrease of 9.09 percent.

Additionally, there has been a decline in theft cases, which is attributed to enhanced monitoring efforts against shoplifting. The number of injuries due to violent conflicts has also decreased.

In the fight against drug trafficking, the Joint Task Force made significant strides, seizing a total of 16.05 million grams of various illicit substances. This achievement sets a record for the country and underscores the effectiveness of state security agencies in the early part of 2024, marking considerable progress in the nation’s efforts to combat crime and drug trafficking.


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January 10, 2024 4:03 am

Yep… in front of Eldorado in Bávaro Haitian moto concho boys are selling drugs like candy …
There is so much crime in Bávaro that’s beyond belief …
Yep crime is down …when they fall asleep …