Local January 9, 2024 | 4:28 pm

U.S. Officials visit CODEVI industrial park to discuss job creation and bilateral cooperation

Santo Domingo.- Tom Perez, former Secretary of Labor under Barack Obama’s administration, and Juan S. González, Special Assistant to Joe Biden and Senior Director of the National Security Council (NSC) for the Western Hemisphere, recently visited the CODEVI industrial park in Juana Méndez, Haiti, situated on the border with the Dominican Republic.

During their visit, the U.S. officials met with businessman Fernando Aníbal Capellán Peralta to explore job creation opportunities and discuss the future prosperity of both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Capellán Peralta highlighted the significance of the meeting on his Twitter account, sharing photos and emphasizing the productive dialogue on job creation and a better future for people in both nations.

The tweet read: “Productive conversation about the opportunities and challenges for creating more jobs and a better future for people in both countries. #HopeHelp #Nearshore Cooperation @POTUS.”

This visit underscores the United States’ interest in enhancing bilateral collaboration in labor and economic matters. It demonstrates a commitment to fostering job growth and improving living conditions in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The engagement at CODEVI is a positive step towards strengthening ties and cooperation between these neighboring countries and the United States.

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