Local April 21, 2024 | 9:18 am

Cesfront detains 218 Haitians in irregular migratory status in the last 24 hours in Dajabón

DAJABÓN-The Specialized Corps of Land Border Security (CESFronT) detained 218 Haitians in irregular migratory status after carrying out different operations of migratory interdiction in various areas of the province of Dajabón. Four hundred seventeen units of other goods smuggled into Dominican territory were also seized during the operations.

The arrests were made after members of the CESFront followed up on foreigners who tried to enter Dominican territory beyond the trade zone in violation of the permitted limits.

In the first operation, 151 undocumented Haitians were detained, among them 129 men, 18 women, and 04 minors.

Also, after receiving information from a reliable source, in the Callejón del Toro, in the community of La Vigía, in the municipality of Dajabón, the CESFronT detained another 67 Haitian nationals without documentation, a group made up of 51 men, 12 women, and 04 minors.

During these operations, the merchandise was also seized, such as 58 packs of cigarettes of different brands, 147 units of miniature Gold whisky, 24 small bottles of clerene, 54 units of 8 PM whisky, 55 Bongu milk, 68 packs of sopitas, 07 machetes and 09 sacks of bananas.

The CESFronT continues with intense patrolling and intelligence work in strict compliance with the guidelines laid out by the Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa ERD, to eradicate illicit activities in the entire border area for the benefit of the Dominican people.

In operations carried out in Dajabón and Elías Piña, in the last 48 hours, the CESFronT has detained around 290 Haitians in irregular migratory status. The foreigners were handed over to the General Directorate of Migration (DGM) for legal purposes.

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