North Coast April 28, 2022 | 3:52 pm

They ask for “urgency” to build the Ámbar highway before the tourist boom in Puerto Plata

The work would connect the province of Santiago with Puerto Plata in 35 minutes.


The deputy for the Modern Revolutionary Party ( PRM ), Emil Durán, requested that the process for the construction of the Ámbar highway in Puerto Plata be declared “urgent.”

According to a press release, the legislator stated that another alternative access road is necessary because the current highway from Puerto Plata to Navarrete is not registered rated for the current vehicular flow.

The work would cover 37.7 kilometers in length, which would connect the province of Santiago with Puerto Plata in 35 minutes.

“Tourism has returned to flow in Puerto Plata, with the arrival of cruise ships and new flights, but not only foreign tourism, but also locals, only during Holy Week we receive 900 thousand Creole visitors, for which the people of Puerto Plata request the construction of another alternative route as a matter of urgency,” explained Durán.

Likewise, he criticized the slowness of the process carried out by the Public-Private Alliance Council to construct said work in the “Bride of the Atlantic.”

Durán indicated that the development of towns is achieved with land communication routes that connect communities in less time and with greater security.

“This is the priority of Puerto Plata, it is the desire and dream of the people of Puerto Plata to have a new and safe highway,” he said.

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