North Coast July 13, 2021 | 3:51 pm

Connectivity improvement in Puerto Plata for the more demanding traveler

Mileyka Brugal, president of the Puerto Plata Chamber of Commerce and Production, considered that it is “necessary to take into account the current reality to improve the destination’s connectivity, since the current traveler is more technological, more demanding and hopes that everything will be resolved with a click.”

She highlighted the benefits of the Puerto Plata destination, expanded with those of nearby destinations by participating as an exhibitor at the Puerto Plata We Are All Conservatory, organized by Nice Dominicana on connectivity.

Brugal explained that today’s tourists are more demanding, have shorter stays, and demand faster responses.

In addition, she indicated the importance of the Nice Dominicana initiative to create a space for dialogue on initiatives to promote the destination; he also weighed the proposal of Joel Santos, tourism advisor to the executive branch, that the North region be considered as a macro destination, integrating more the different recommendations of the region.

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